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What You Get In 5 Weeks Of The Qualified Champion Ultimate Program

Customized Coaching Just for Your Needs

One on One meetings will be a part of our 5 week journey.  Spencer will personally work with you to help walk through any questions and specific needs in growing yourself and your business, even if you've struggled in the past with similar programs. 

Convenient Delivery Through Online Synergy

* 15 PDF exercises
* The 9 Reasons People Fail eBook
* The 9 Reasons People Fail audiobook
* 15 video training sessions
* 5 Online Group Coaching Sessions
* 1 W.R.A.P. Sheet

Collective Solutions with In Person Masterminds

Each week will have an in-person Mastermind that compliments the phase of the process you are in.  You will be able to learn and contribute at a level you may have never experienced before. 
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